28 Jul 2018

In this post, the term “solid fuel” means any fuel that is not a liquid or gas (e.g. wood, coal, mineral smokeless fuels, wood derived fuels and biomass). The term “appliance” means any device or fire manufactured to be used for heating within a domestic property which uses solid fuel (e.g. an open fire, woodburner, […]

12 Jul 2018

#testittuesday ‍ Take a second every Tuesday to test all your smoke and CO alarms. Push and beep the button. The Silent and Invisible Killer. Ken Knight from Knight Security Inc “Carbon monoxide is a highly poisonous gas that has no colour, taste or smell, making it impossible to detect without an alarm.” Carbon monoxide alarms must […]

09 May 2018

A Stove is a great addition to any hearth, it looks fantastic and is a green way to heat your home efficiently and economically.  At SweepSmart we offer fireplace and stove installations along with a comprehensive after-sales option. As chimney sweeps, we see all different types and brands of appliances at various stages of their lifetime. […]

21 Apr 2018

Regulations require both smoke alarms and carbon monoxide alarms to be installed in rented residential accommodation. The Regulations apply both to houses and flats. Failure to comply can lead to a civil penalty being imposed of up to £5,000. Check the legislation here. Regarding the sweeping of flues, you can read our blog here ‍ SMOKE ALARMS […]

18 Mar 2018

Why Do I Need My Chimney Swept? As the days become colder and the nights longer, more and more people will start lighting up their fireplaces or stoves.  Get your chimney swept and relax in front of your fire with peace of mind that your chimney is clear and safe.   There are 3 basic […]