07 May 2020

With the onset of the Industrial Revolution, coal became the main fuel for domestic heating. When overcrowded cities began to produce foggy smoke from chimney fires. The job of a chimney sweep was essential to avoid fires erupting in the home. When the interior of a chimney became choked or partially blocked with a build-up of soot, chimney fires could occur. […]

26 Jul 2019

CARBON MONOXIDE POISONING – You can’t see, taste or smell it but it can be deadly   Any fuel burning appliance in your home can produce carbon monoxide, this is usually expelled through the flue or chimney. However, if something were to go wrong, there is the potential for this dangerous gas to enter your property. […]

22 Jul 2019
new homeowner chimney

Why You Should Open Up Your Fire The introduction of central heating brought about a trend of closing up fireplaces and installing either gas or electric fires in their place. That, or ridding homes completely of the character of a fireplace altogether. Now, though, in a time when we are becoming more conscious of expenditure […]

12 Jul 2019

Technicians, plumbers, carpenters, chimney sweeps, builders… whichever trade you’re skilled in, we know that no day at work is ever the same as the last! Whether you’ve been working in your trade for 2 years or 20 years, most of us have a funny story to tell, so we tasked tradesmen (and women) across the world to […]

21 May 2019

This blog will investigate London’s pollution issue and wood burning stoves, the solution, and what the future looks like for wood burning. ‍ Wood burning has been in the media regularly over the past couple of years, particularly in regards to pollution and its impact on the environment. Pollution is a major contributor to climate […]

12 Apr 2019

The ‘Guild of Master Chimney Sweeps’ hosted their annual trade exhibition and it was a record breaker – more sweeps, more suppliers, more fun! ‍   ‘Herding Sweeps’ – group photo The Guild of Master Chimney Sweeps is the UK’s premier ‘not-for-profit’ trade association for professional chimney sweeps. Established more than 25 years ago, the […]

04 Apr 2019

There have been a few attention-grabbing headlines recently “Homes face ban on wood‑burners”. There are NO plans to ban wood-burners.   The Environment Secretary Michael Gove has published a Clean Air Strategy. The new strategy, which is now out for consultation, includes plans for banning the sale of INEFFICIENT stoves and polluting fuels, and putting […]

02 Apr 2019

A fireplace in your house can potentially be very dangerous – but it doesn’t need to be. Below are some general safety tips. ‍ Get your chimney swept regularly by a professional sweep. Don’t use flammable liquids such as petrol or paraffin to light your fire. Do not overload the fire with fuel. Use the […]